Womens Black Flat Sandals

Danial Skeen
11 min readMar 31, 2024



Welcome to our roundup of the best women’s black flat sandals! In this article, we will be exploring a curated selection of stylish and comfortable footwear options perfect for the summer season. Whether you’re looking for a versatile pair to wear both casually and to work, or a chic addition to your wardrobe for those warm-weather gatherings, our roundup has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect black flat sandals to complement your aesthetic and daily life.

The Top 5 Best Womens Black Flat Sandals

  1. Sophisticated Women’s Black Suede Flat Sandals with Slingback Closure — Gretchen Women’s Slingback Flat Sandals in Black, Size 5: Elegant leather flats with adjustable sizing, breathable feel, and cushioned comfort for everyday wear.
  2. Tom’s Rory Black Ankle Strap Flat Sandal at Nordstrom — Size 10 — Experience ultimate comfort and style with the Toms Rory Ankle Strap Sandal in Black, featuring sporty sawtooth tread soles and built-in OrthoLite insoles for your next adventure at Nordstrom.
  3. Suede Flat Black Sandal for Comfort and Elegance — The Mia Valeri Sandal in Black at Nordstrom is a versatile, stylish, and comfortable flat sandal perfect for any occasion, featuring a contoured footbed and suede material.
  4. Fashionable Flat Sandals for Women in Black Combo — Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with New York & Company Women’s Abril Flat Sandal in Black Combo, featuring a feminine bow detail and premium materials for your summer adventures.
  5. Stylish Flat Black Sandals for Casual Outfits — Stay comfortable and stylish in the Maggiee Strappy Flat Thong Sandals by Sun + Stone, featuring a versatile design suitable for various occasions and outfits.

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Sophisticated Women’s Black Suede Flat Sandals with Slingback Closure


These Gretchen Women Slingback Flat Sandals in black have become a staple in my wardrobe. The suede upper offers a refined texture to these flats, while the elastic slingback closure ensures a personalized fit that molds to my ankle. The round toe silhouette adds a chic touch, making them a versatile footwear choice that complements my ensembles.

Despite the initially tight fit, the genuine leather adapts to my foot, offering excellent comfort and support. The cushioned sole with a padded insole ensures that the shoes are not only comfortable but also functional. However, I wish the sole were a bit more flexible for a smoother walking experience.

Overall, these shoes are a delightful blend of style, comfort, and practicality, making them worthy of praise and a spot in my footwear collection.

Tom’s Rory Black Ankle Strap Flat Sandal at Nordstrom — Size 10


I recently came across the Toms Rory ankle strap sandal in black, available in size 10 at Nordstrom. As someone who loves trendy sandals for all occasions, I was excited to give it a try. The first thing that caught my attention was the sporty sawtooth tread soles, which made me believe these sandals could provide me with the comfort I needed during long walks.

The Rory sandals were indeed comfortable, largely thanks to the built-in OrthoLite insoles that Toms uses to ensure a snug fit and prevent discomfort. Despite being flat, they felt great on my feet, and the adjustable ankle strap made me feel like I had the perfect fit.

However, while the sandals looked great and offered comfort, I wasn’t too impressed with the durability of the straps. Despite me being mindful of them, the ankle strap and the toecaps started to loosen and fray after a few weeks of use.

Overall, if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable flat sandal, the Toms Rory ankle strap sandal in black could be a great choice. You’ll love the support from the insoles and the adjustable fit. Just make sure you’re cautious while handling the straps, as they might not hold up as well as expected due to the material they’re made of.

Suede Flat Black Sandal for Comfort and Elegance


I recently stumbled upon the Mia Valeri Sandal in black at Nordstrom, and it has been a game-changer for my daily wardrobe. The suede material gives it a premium touch and makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The dual straps are easy to adjust, making it a hassle-free sandal to slip on and off.

The contoured footbed provides support, and the flat design adds a versatile touch that pairs well with both casual and semi-formal outfits. Despite its comfort, the sandal still manages to look stylish and effortlessly elevates any look. The shoe’s lightweight structure adds to its convenience, making it a must-have for busy women on the go.

I highly recommend the Mia Valeri Sandal in black at Nordstrom, especially for those who value comfort and style in their footwear.

Fashionable Flat Sandals for Women in Black Combo


Summertime brings warm weather and even warmer styles, and the Abril Flat Sandal by New York & Company is the perfect addition to any beach-ready wardrobe. Available in a chic black combo, this flat sandal offers a feminine touch with its textured bow detail.

The Abril’s faux leather and denim textile upper is enhanced by a PU lining, providing both comfort and durability. Slingback straps with adjustable buckle closures ensure a snug fit while the flat, open-round toe thong post exposes the foot for a breathable feel.

On the inside, the Abril’s faux leather lined footbed adds an extra touch of cushioning, and the rubber outsole ensures a firm grip on any terrain. The large textured bow detail adds a playful flair to this essential summer shoe. This New York & Company gem comes in a size 11, making it an ideal choice for women seeking stylish, practical footwear this season.

Stylish Flat Black Sandals for Casual Outfits


These Maggiee Strappy Flat Thong Sandals from Sun + Stone have been a game-changer for my daily outfits. The black color is a versatile addition to my wardrobe, allowing me to wear them with various outfits from dresses to jeans. The unique design of the straps adds a stylish touch to my look.

One of the best features of these sandals is the comfort they offer. The slightly thicker no-slip rubber sole and added padding make them perfect for all-day wear. However, I did notice that the sizing runs a bit large, so it’s essential to choose the right fit.

The only downside I encountered was the affordability, as I believe they could be priced a bit lower for the quality. Regardless, I highly recommend these sandals for anyone looking for a casual, comfortable pair to add to their collection.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Womens Black Flat Sandals! In this section, we will delve into the key features, considerations, and general advice that will help you choose the perfect pair of black flat sandals for your needs.


Important Features to Consider

  1. Comfort: A good pair of black flat sandals should provide enough comfort for all-day wear. Look for shoes with adequate cushioning, support, and breathability to ensure maximum comfort during activities or on long walks. It is crucial to try on the shoes before purchasing to ensure a proper fit and comfort.


  1. Versatility: Consider how versatile the black flat sandals are in your wardrobe. Some stylish flats can be worn casually with jeans or shorts, while more elegant designs are suitable for semi-formal events, such as office meetings or outdoor parties. Opt for sandals that can be paired with various outfits to maximize their value.


  1. Support: When choosing black flat sandals, it is essential to consider the level of support they provide for your feet. Ensure they have a sturdy heel cup to prevent slippage during activities and a stable footbed to ensure proper foot alignment. For individuals with foot concerns or ankle issues, investing in supportive sandals is essential.

Maintenance and Durability

  1. Maintenance and Durability: To keep your black flat sandals looking great, consider their maintenance and durability. Look for materials that are easy to clean, such as textiles or synthetic fabrics, and sturdy construction, including reinforced stitching and secure fastenings. Proper care and regular cleaning will help extend the life of your sandals.


What are the benefits of wearing black flat sandals for women?

Women’s black flat sandals offer a multitude of benefits when it comes to fashion and comfort. They are versatile shoe options that can be worn to various occasions without appearing too casual or too dressy. Black flat sandals are perfect for pairing with summer dresses, jeans, and even activewear, making them a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are also very comfortable, thanks to their flat design, which means you can wear them for extended periods without experiencing discomfort or pain.

Black flat sandals are easy to find and affordable, with a wide variety of brands offering different styles and designs to suit different preferences and budgets. They are also low-maintenance, with many options featuring waterproof or slip-resistant materials, making them ideal for various activities and environments.


Are there any fashion tips for pairing black flat sandals with different outfits?

Black flat sandals are an incredibly versatile footwear option for women, and they can be paired with a wide range of outfits to suit different occasions. For more casual looks, you can pair them with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket for a laid-back yet stylish outfit. If you’re going for a more polished and put-together look, consider wearing them with a summer dress, a structured blazer, and a statement handbag.

When it comes to accessories, your black flat sandals will benefit from simple and understated options. A statement necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of sunglasses are all perfect for adding a touch of glamor and sophistication to your outfit without overpowering your shoe. Finally, make sure your sandals are well-polished, clean, and in good condition to give off a professional and polished look.

Can black flat sandals be worn for formal occasions?

Black flat sandals can be worn for formal occasions, but you will need to choose the right style and design to achieve the desired look. For a more conservative and sophisticated look, opt for black flat sandals with small or no embellishments and a closed-toe design. Also, avoid any options that have too much texture or pattern, as these may appear too casual for formal events.

In addition to the shoe style, you will also need to consider your outfit. A structured dress or pant suit with a classic white shirt or blouse will help to create a polished look. It is also essential to ensure that your makeup, hair, and overall presentation are in line with the formality of the event. With the right outfit and attention to detail, black flat sandals can make for an elegant and stylish addition to your formal wardrobe.


Are there any features to look for when buying black flat sandals?

When shopping for women’s black flat sandals, there are a few key features to look for to ensure that you get a quality and comfortable option. Firstly, consider the cushioning and support of the shoe. Flat sandals can be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, so it is essential to look for options with significant cushioning and support in the sole to prevent discomfort.

Another important aspect to consider is the material of the shoe. Look for options made from breathable materials like canvas or mesh, which will help to keep your feet cool and comfortable during long walks or extended wear. It is also essential to look for shoes with good traction and non-slip features to prevent accidents and falls, especially if you plan to wear your sandals in wet or slippery environments.

What are some popular brands of women’s black flat sandals?

There are many popular brands of women’s black flat sandals, and each offers a unique style and design to suit different preferences and budgets. Some of the most popular brands include:

  1. Birkenstock — known for their comfort and durability, Birkenstock offers a range of black flat sandals with different footbed options to suit different foot shapes and preferences.
  2. Clarks — a brand known for comfort, Clarks offers a range of black flat sandals, including options with added support and cushioning for those who need it. Some of their popular styles include the Un Adorn Sandal and the Un Adorn Slide Sandal. 3. Payless — a budget-friendly brand that offers a variety of black flat sandals in different styles and designs. 4. Crocs — known for their fun and quirky styles, Crocs also offers a range of black flat sandals, including options with added traction for outdoor use.

What are some alternatives to black flat sandals that women can wear for a similar look?

If you’re looking for an alternative to black flat sandals but still want a similar look, there are a few options to consider. One option is black flat sandals with a wedge heel, which will add a bit of height and lift to your outfit while still maintaining a comfortable and stylish look. Another option is black ballerina flats, which are a classic and comfortable shoe that can be paired with a wide range of outfits for different occasions.

Alternatively, you could consider wearing black espadrilles, which offer a similar style and design to black flat sandals but with a bit more texture and detail. Espadrilles are a summer favorite that are perfect for dressy or casual occasions and feature a classic and timeless look that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. Finally, you could also try black booties, which can be a great alternative for cooler weather and offer a similar level of style and comfort.

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